Malini. 20. Bangkok/Brighton.
I like iced tea, TV, beards, and practising the art of being a lazy bum.

"Estoy orgulloso de este equipo, de la humildad, el trabajo y el sacrificio del grupo. Disfrutemos cada segundo de lo que nos toque vivir porque esto pasa una vez en la vida. Jugamos un partido muy inteligente. Para esto jugamos al fútbol, para terminar un partido y sentir el orgullo que sentimos en este momento" - Javier Mascherano

Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.

nicknames: cities in rajasthan, india

xavi is leaving and he’s not playing his (possibly, seeing how fucking abysmal spain are doing rn) last significant match i want to fucking die

Loony Lovegood, they called her

Loony Lovegood, they called her

CFDA In New York City (Jun. 2)

CFDA In New York City (Jun. 2)

This feels better than actually having sex yourself.

Heathers (1988)
Heathers (1988)
Name: Malini

Nickname: none worth mentioning

Birthday: November 17th

Status: perpetually hungry

Random fact about you: I’m left-handed. Yay for original facts!

Hobbies/Interests: reading really well written teenage novels, fashion, consuming useless trivia and information to regurgitate to people at the most inconvenient times, watching as many tv shows as possible, football, mythology, napping, putting ignorant douchetwats in their places, royal history, art, unapologetically faboulous bitches (i.e. Kanye) etc. etc. etc.

Music: enjoy

TV: Community, Parks and Rec, New Girl, Breaking Bad, Shameless US, Revenge, Homeland, Scandal, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Orange is the New Black, Elementary, The Killing, Luther, Game of Thrones, Rome, Happy Endings, Veep, The Office US, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine, House of Cards, True Detective